Adventurer Leadership

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Aprila Johnson

Head Coordinator

Maxine Phillips

Asst. Executive Coordinator

Kenia Dunkley

Asst. Executive & NEN Coordinator

Melida Niles Johnson

Exec. Off. Risk Mgmt.

Nievel Stanisclaus

Area Coord. Bronx-Manhattan

Evelyn G. Boltwood

Exec. Officer, WNY

Judith Stanislas

Exec. Officer, Chaplain

Sandra Richards

Asst. Coord. Bronx-Man.

Brenda Williams

Area Coord. BSSI

Casieta Samuel

Area Coord. Brooklyn North

Elovean Loveday

Asst. Coord., Brooklyn North

Audrey Edey

Asst. Coord. Brooklyn North

Iris Games

Asst. Area Coordinator BSSI

Debra Griffith

Asst. Area Coordinator BSSI

Mirielle Desarme

Area Coord. Franco-Haitian

Samuel Benoit

Asst. Coord., Franco-Haitian

Charles Casimir

Asst. Coord., Franco-Haitian

Joseph Victorin

Asst. Coord., Franco-Haitian

Rochelle Williams

Area Coordinator, Hud-Cap

Maggie Smith

Asst. Coordinator, Hud-Cap

Lydia Pelote-Wright

Asst. Coord., Hud-Cap

Neclisha Davis

Area Coord., Long Island/Asst. Secretary

Cynthia Sweeney

Asst. Coord., Long Island

Natacha Lorius

Asst. Coord., NEN Haitian

Sharon Cole

Asst. Coordinator, NES

Myrtha Jean

Area Coord., NEN Haitan

Enide Pierre

Asst. Coord, NEN Haitian

Paulina Fernandes Cardoso

Area Coord., Portuguese

Donnette Burgess

Area Coordinator, Queens

Mercia Dunkley

Asst. Area Coordinator, NEN

Joel Ramirez

Area Coordinator, NES HLB

Santa Velasquez

Asst. Coord., SNY Hispanic

Marie Claire Fils-Aime

Area Coordinator NES

Luz Lopez

Area Coord. SNY Hispanic

Brenda Reaves

Area Coord., WNY

Pancha Shaw

Asst. Area Coordinator, Queens

Eileen Bernard

Asst. Coordinator Rock-West

Rochelle Henry

Asst. Coordinator, Rock-West

Francia Charles

Area Coord., Rock-West