Adventurer Stars, Chips, and Awards


Little Lamb Award

Eager Beaver Award

Busy Bee Award

Sunbeam Awards

Bodies of Water



Camper Award


Sunbeam Award

Builder Award

Builder Award – Spanish

Helping Hand Award



First Aid Helper

My Picture Book


Multi-Level Award

Multi-Level Award

Multi-Level – Spanish

Sunbeam Award

Outdoor Explorer

Bible Story Telling

Chidlren of the Bible

Cooking Fun

Stars, chips, and awards are fun ways for Adventurers to explore their world, learn skills, and be creative. When the requirements are completed, the Adventurer receives a patch that is proudly worn on his or her sash. Patches for Little Lambs are called stars, for Eager Beavers they are called chips, and for Busy Bees through Helping Hands they are called awards. In addition to patches that Adventurers earn during club meetings, there are many additional patches that parents and guardians can help their children earn at home. The requirements for all current Adventurer stars, chips, and awards are included on the Resource USB Flash Drive available from However, there are new stars, chips, and awards being developed all the time so subscribe to news and alerts for updated content.