The following worksheets apply to the honors that will be presented live in the Zoom Conference Room:

AU Ruth Worksheet

AU Compassion Worksheet

AU Territory Worksheet

Street Art Honor Worksheet




Agriculture Honor

Agriculture Worksheet

Backpacking Honor

Backpacking Worksheet

Basic Rescue Honor

Basic Rescue Worksheet

Bats Honor

Bats Worksheet


Biblical Archeology Honor

Biblical Archeology Worksheet

Biosafety Honor

Biosafety Worksheet

Birds Honor

Birds Worksheet

Bogs and Fens Honor

Bogs and Fens Worksheet


Camping Skills 1 Honor

Camping Skills 1 Worksheet

 Christian Storytelling Honor

Christian Storytelling Worksheet

 Currency Honor

Currency (Coins) Worksheet

Dinosaur Honor

Dinosaur Worksheet


Electricity Honor

Electricity Worksheet

Fossils Honor

Fossils Worksheet

Geocaching Honor

Geocaching Worksheet

Guitar Honor – Part 1

Guitar Worksheet


Guitar Honor – Part 2

Worksheet is the same as for Part 1

Health and Healing Honor

Health and Healing Worksheet

Home Nursing Honor

Home Nursing Worksheet

Insects Honor

Insects Worksheets



 Knots Honor – Part 1

Knots Honor – Worksheet

Knots Honor – Part 2

Worksheet is the same as for Part 1

Knots Honor – Part 3

Worksheet is the same as for Part 1

Lichens, Liverworts, and Mosses Honor

Lichens, Liverworts, and Mosses Worksheet

Marine Mammals Honor

Marine Mammals Worksheet

Microscopic Life Honor

Microscopic Life Worksheet

Migration Honor

Migration Worksheet

Origami Honor

Origami Worksheet

Pin Trading Honor

Pin Trading Worksheet

Post Cards Honor

Post Cards Worksheet

Prophets and Prophecy Honor

Prophets and Prophecy Worksheet

Raptors Honor

Raptors Worksheet


Red Alert Honor

Red Alert Worksheet

Water Science Honor

Water Science Honor





Soap Craft Honor

Soap Craft Worksheet

Español: (Spanish)

Botemodelismo Honor

Botemodelismo Worksheet

Español: (Spanish)

Camuflaje de Animales Honor

Camuflaje de Animales Worksheet



These honors are courtesy of the British Union Conference – South England Conference (BUC-SEC)


Sight Honor

Sight Worksheet

Smell Honor

Smell Worksheet

Taste Honor

Taste Worksheet

Touch Honor

Touch Worksheet


Hearing Honor

Hearing Worksheet

Pigeons Honor

Pigeons Worksheet

Chocolate Honor

Chocolate Worksheet

Pizza Maker Honor

Pizza Maker Worksheet


 Climate Science Honor

Climate Science Worksheet

 Engineering Honor

Engineering Worksheet