Northeastern Conference Training 2020

NEC Adventurer, Pathfinder and Master Guide training will be completed during four Training Meetings.  These Training Meetings will be held throughout Northeastern Conference in strategically identified geographic locations, identified as Training Center Locations.

General Information: Four sessions will take place between February and September 2020.


Please Note: If an individual is not able to attend the training that has been designated for their Training Region, that person may attend a Training session located in a different Training Region than their own. In addition, some of the Topics are all-day sessions. If involved in one of these sessions, participants will not be able to participate in an additional Topic that day. Participants may attend Training Sessions in other Regions in order to take additional Topics.

Lunch and Breaks: Due to the amount of content and detail that will be presented during each training, the day will be scheduled tightly. In order to accommodate the curriculum requirements, please bring your own lunch. The schedule has not been planned to accommodate participants leaving to order and eat and return in a timely manner. 

Please be on time as you return from breaks and from lunch.


Training Regions and Training Locations

New England Training Region: February 16, 2020 :-                

New England North English,                              

New England North Hispanic LB,

New England North, Portuguese                      

New England South English,                              

New England South Hispanic

New England South Franco-Haitian

Training Center: Berea SDA Church, Boston, MA


Metro-North Training Region: April 26, 2020:-    

Brooklyn North                                                      

Brooklyn South/Staten Island                           


Long Island

Metro Hispanic


Training Center:Spring Valley SDA Church, Spring Valley, NY  

Western New York Training Region: May 31, 2020:-

Western New York State

Hudson Valley/Capitol City

Training Center: Syracuse NY


Metro-South Training Region: September 13, 2020:-



Training Center: Brooklyn Temple SDA, Brooklyn NY